National Grid continuously evaluates opportunities to enhance the safety and reliability of its energy delivery networks, including the inspection and maintenance of its natural gas system. The company proposes to begin using state-of-the-art inspection devices that can travel along the inside of six miles of existing gas main located between National Grid facilities on Chapman Road in Tewksbury and Wilbur Street in Lowell, and provide detailed information about its internal and external condition.

In order to fit the inspection device through this entire section of gas main, approximately two-and-a-half miles of pipe will require replacement between Riverneck Road in Chelmsford and Wilbur Street in Lowell. Additionally, minor upgrades to the existing pipe are needed on Whipple Road and Brick Kiln Road. Equipment upgrades to accommodate the new device also need to be made at the company’s Chapman Road and Wilbur Street facilities.

Together the above referenced project components comprise the proposed Lowell Area Gas Modernization Project, which represents an investment of approximately $30 million to upgrade the existing energy infrastructure in Tewksbury, Lowell, and Chelmsford.

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